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verity +
white/cis/female/ace/queer/person with disabilities. fangirling it up online since 1999. also available @livejournal, most frequently found @tumblr.
fandoms +
buffy, sherlock, stargate atlantis, teen wolf, harry potter (old), daria (oldest). file under "yes, please": spike/buffy, buffy/faith, john/sherlock, john/rodney, snape/hermione.
my stuff +
fic @ AO3 - fic @ LJ - vids @ LJ - fanart @ LJ (older things are tagged more consistently at LJ than DW)
subscription & access policy +
most things fannish are public; subscribe away! under access lock, I post about my RL shenanigans; this is not primarily a fandom-oriented journal, though there is fannish content aplenty. be aware that, if you'd like me to grant you access, you will be signing up to read about how much I dread doing laundry, my adventures in urban living, and whatever dorky episcopal trivia I'm obsessed with this week.
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I maintain and mod [ profile] asexy_sherlock. always feel free to pm with questions, concerns, praise, or problems. <3

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